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Poster: Lum Edwards Date: Dec 30, 2006 12:21pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Why I Love OTR : By Lum

That is a bad break for a young Child, I feel for you sir.

I will relate my own OTR heritage for you all.

My Father was a buyer of livestock for his company and we raised Hunting Hounds for Hunters and Bloodhounds for mostly Prisions but we sold several as pets. Almost Every weekend we would travel to livestock sales or Dogmeets. This was the mid 70's and one day we were at a truckstop when I found a rack of Old Time Radio 8 track tapes for sell. I bought a fibber tape and also a tape of You are there.( The one about eating tomato's wouldnt kill you.)
After that I would buy new tapes every time we stopped at that truckstop. after a while I started to buy a 3 pack of Lum and Abner but my Father said NO. I could pick out anything else but Lum and Abner because He Hated the way Arkansas was made out to be in the series. ( we are from Arkansas) So I missed out on The Greatest series ever for many years. Then came my Cassetee recorder in the late 70's and I secretly started recording Lum and Abner from am radio. It was on 3 times a day on a local station. ( they still to this day play L and A but it is once a day now at noon.) Over the years I lost touch with OTR until the late 90's and was sitting at the computer one morning and ran across the Phrase "T'aint funny McGee". and the memories came back in a rush. Searched for Fibber Mcgee and Molly and Oh Wow, There was a website in Canada (Thanks Al) that had weekly downloads of the show. Searched for Lum and Abner and the first show I found online was One of the Robert the robot shows. There was little OTR on the web at that time. Joined a yahoo group and thing went from there.
OTR has really exploded since 1999 on the net until here we are now at IA with a home for OTR that makes it easier for people to start a collection or just listen to a few shows now and then. I looked for years for a stable place to make Lum and Abner accessable to others until I happened upon 1 single lone radio show here in the IA ( war of the worlds )
I started uploading Hundreds of Lum and Abner shows and I am sure The curators here didnt know what to do with these shows but allowed them to become Active pages ( at that time someone had to approve of the contents before the page showed up). And Now Look at all we have to choose from here.
Lum Edwards